Registration System Demo

A More Fully Configured Example

Below is the Registration System Widget pasted into the page.

The widget:

  • logs them on and off and changes what it displays accordingly.
  • You can add your own links to it. For the demo we've added a link to a 'Members Only Area' page
  • provides an easy access point to your website registration system

Login using password: user username: user. You can of course also try registering.

The widget:

A few notes of explanation about some configuration options

You are able to create certain key pages that are common to most website registration systems.
Creating these pages is optional and you can pick and choose which ones you want to create. If you do not create them then the default ones are used.

  1. A login page. This page has a login box pasted into it. By creating our own login page we can say what we like on it.
  2. A 'members area' home page. This is the page people are taken to when they first log on.
  3. A 'you are now logged off page'. This page is just a nice way of telling them they are logged off.
  4. A 'thank you for registering' page. This page thanks them for registering and gives them more details about being a member.
  5. A 'registration invitation page'. This page invites people to register and tells them about the benefits of registering.
  6. A page containing the registration form. This page simply has the registration form embedded into it. By creating such a page you are free to link directly to the registration form anywhere in your website e.g. have a 'Proceed to Register' link or button.

Examples of some of the embed code and javascript that can be pasted into your web pages

A 'search for members' box
We provide code for a little search box that enables your website visitors to search members profiles

Search our registered (demo) members
Tip: entering the keyword user should find at least one match - i.e. the profile with username user

To view 'My Profile' embedded into a web page click here

To view the list of all website members embedded into a web page click here

You are able to protect web pages so that visitors have to be logged on first before being able to view them
If you are not already logged on then when you try and view the page below you will be asked to logon:

Display whose currently logged on:

When logged on, displaying someones profile photo (if they have one):

Displaying a link that alternates between logon/logoff:

Some code that detects if someone is logged on or off:


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